Unlock Forex Success with FXTM: A Comprehensive Review

In the dynamic world of forex trading, staying ahead of the curve means choosing the right platform. That’s where FXTM comes in. A global leader in online financial trading and investing, FXTM has been a game-changer for many.

FXTM, short for ForexTime, offers a blend of state-of-the-art technology, diverse trading instruments, and tailored services. Whether you’re a novice trader dipping your toes or a seasoned investor looking for advanced strategies, FXTM has something for you.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into what makes FXTM stand out in the crowded forex market. From its innovative features to its commitment to customer service, we’ll explore why it’s the platform of choice for many. Buckle up for an exciting journey into the world of FXTM.

Overview of FXTM

As a dedicated online financial trader or investor, knowing the ins and outs of the platform you use is key. No doubt, the previous section has offered a broad insight into FXTM, shedding light on its reputation as a global leader in the realm of online financial trading. Now, it’s time to dissect what FXTM entails, unraveling its history, and tracking its development.

What Is FXTM?

FXTM, also known as ForexTime, finds its identity as a leading global forex trading platform. Through innovative technology, it affords traders and investors access to the global forex market right at their fingertips. It offers them a plethora of diverse trading instruments, combined with tailor-made services, to meet their unique financial ambitions and trading skills, irrespective of whether they’re still wet behind the ears or seasoned in the field.

From currencies, commodities, CFDs, indices, to precious metals, you’ll find an array of trading options on FXTM. It aspires to provide a safe and user-friendly trading environment, underpinned by client-centricity and transparency.

History and Development

The journey of FXTM began in 2011, founded by Andrey Dashin. Focused on redefining the forex market by providing world-class services and innovative trading tools, FXTM quickly climbed the ranks. Catering to novice traders and experienced investors alike, the platform developed state-of-the-art technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clientele.

Today, FXTM stands as an acclaimed and reputable forex broker on a global scale. Through relentless dedication to customer service and continuous upgrades to its trading technology, the platform ensures its users not only stay in touch with the dynamic forex market but also exploit potentially profitable trading opportunities. In the challenging and competitive forex market, FXTM’s determination to evolve and improve empowers traders to be confident with every trade, showing exactly why it’s a preferred platform for many.

Features of FXTM

After understanding the FXTM’s foundation and dedication in the previous sections, now, let’s delve into some of its features that make it stand out in the competitive forex market.

Trading Platforms Available

FXTM doesn’t stand idle in providing convenience to its users. Exemplifying this behavior, it supports popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. MetaTrader 4, commonly known as MT4, offers a user-friendly interface, dependable stability, and high-level security. Attractive to both novice and experienced traders, MT4 provides customizable charts, numerous technical indicators, and automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs).

Adding more to its platform diversity, FXTM also incorporates MetaTrader 5 (MT5). MT5 is a more advanced trading platform, essentially featuring all tools in MT4 but taking it a step further. Greater technical analysis tools, a built-in Economic Calendar, and an enhanced strategy tester for EAs make it worthy for experienced traders.

Account Types

Account versatility is another standout feature in FXTM’s hat. It offers several account types to cater to different traders’ expertise levels and trading styles. Enter the trading world with a ‘Standard Account’ offering tight spreads, instant execution, and a minimum deposit as low as $100. For a seasoned trader, an ‘ECN Account’ might be an attractive choice, offering floating spreads from 0 pips, Market Execution, and ECN technology.

Meanwhile, the ‘FXTM Pro Account,’ tailored for professionals and institution-grade investors, offers unique benefits. These include interbank prices directly from FXTM’s ECN partners and no re-quotes.

Extra Tools and Resources

FXTM isn’t just about trading, it’s also about learning. A valuable education hub is preserved on its platform, making it a great choice for a trader, novice, or experienced. Educational content consists of free webinars, seminars, eBooks, and trading glossaries, making your trading journey smooth.

In addition, FXTM also provides a range of analytical tools to empower your trading decisions. Tools like the ‘FXTM Pivot Points Strategy’ and ‘FXTM Trading Signals’ assist traders to identify potential opportunities in the market, improving trading accuracy.

Through all the above-mentioned features, it’s evident that FXTM strives continuously to provide an enriched trading experience for its users. Its focus on user-friendly platforms, diverse accounts, and resources make it a top choice in the forex trading world.

Security and Regulation

In the realm of forex trading, FXTM exemplifies commitment to security and stringent regulation. An integral part of presenting a secure trading environment, it’s vital for users to comprehend how FXTM’s regulatory status bolsters their trading experience’s safety.

Licensing Details

Enriched with a broad assortment of licenses, FXTM underscores its legitimacy and credibility. The primary regulators of FXTM are the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), prestigious regulatory bodies recognized internationally. A robust regulatory infrastructure contributes to FXTM’s reliability, ensuring traders’ funds and interests are well-protected.

Eg. of Regulatory Bodies

Regulatory Body Country
CySEC Cyprus

Bearing the license numbers 185/12 (CySEC) and 777911 (FCA), FXTM operates within the necessary compliance parameters. The South African local regulatory body, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), also regulates FXTM with the license number 46614. Its presence in manifold jurisdictions implies the forex broker upholds high standards of operation, facilitating trust among users.

Safety Measures

FXTM makes it a priority to ensure a safe trading environment. It provides its users with the assurance of a Negative Balance Protection Policy. In situations where trading accounts slip into negative balance due to volatile market situations, this policy protects traders from any substantial financial losses.

Furthermore, FXTM employs a Level 1 PCI compliant service provider to handle all transactions, maintaining a secure online trading experience. Regular audits from independent third-parties affirm FXTM’s adherence to high security standards.

Ultimately, FXTM’s regulatory standing, combined with its diligent security measures, ascertains a safeguarded, reliable trading environment. This foundation enables traders to focus on exploring profitable opportunities, comprehending that FXTM is a trustworthy partner in their forex journey.

Comparison with Other Forex Brokers

As this blog post continues to delve into FXTM’s impressive forex trading services, it’s crucial to compare FXTM with other reputable forex brokers. This comparison aims to provide a comprehensive insight that might aid in making informed trading decisions.

Key Differences

In the landscape of forex brokers, FXTM stands out due to a variety of factors. Compared to brokers such as ATFX and Kraken, FXTM presents distinct advantages. Let’s break down some key differences:

  • Regulatory Compliance: As previously noted, FXTM holds licenses from several esteemed regulatory bodies, such as CySEC, the FCA, and the FSCA. These licenses surpass those held by many brokers, providing you with increased confidence in FXTM’s operations.
  • Trading Platforms: While many brokers, like ATFX, offer support for MetaTrader 4, FXTM is one of the few that also supports MetaTrader 5. This support provides traders, like you, with increased flexibility and an edge in trading.
  • Educational Resources: When compared to other forex brokers, FXTM provides an extensive range of educational resources and analytical tools. These resources can augment your trading expertise, putting FXTM a step ahead of many competitors.

Pros and Cons

Every trading platform has its benefits and drawbacks. As we juxtapose FXTM with other brokers in the market, some key pros and cons become noteworthy.


  • Robust Security Measures: FXTM’s stringent security measures and its Negative Balance Protection Policy give it an edge in reassurance over brokers such as Epic Brokers.
  • Diverse Account Types: FXTM caters to various traders by offering a range of account types. This inclusivity sets it apart from many other forex brokers.
  • User-Friendly Environment: Often applauded is FXTM’s intuitive, user-centric interface, which excels in comparison to many other brokers’ platforms.


  • Fees: Like Kraken and other platforms, trading on FXTM does come with fees. Understandably, this could be a deterrent to some traders.
  • Limited Crypto Trading: Compared to brokers like Kraken, FXTM’s crypto offerings are relatively limited, which could be a disadvantage if crypto trading is your primary goal.

Remember, the choice of a forex trading platform largely corresponds to personal preference and trading demands. Ensure the broker chosen aligns with your trading objectives and comfort.

User Reviews and Testimonials

In understanding the pros and cons of FXTM, user reviews and testimonials offer invaluable insights. Verified customers, across various online platforms, have shared experiences about this reputable forex broker.

Many users appreciate FXTM’s user-friendly trading environment and the advanced technology it employs. Traders often note the ease of navigation and wealth of educational resources on offer, enhancing their trading experience. For instance, integration with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5—two popular trading platforms—is frequently praised by users.

Feedback highlights that traders, regardless of their skill levels, find the tailored services particularly beneficial. For beginners, the diverse account types are reported as quite instrumental, allowing them to start with less risk-averse options before progressing onto other account types.

It’s also worth noting customer satisfaction with FXTM’s client-centric approach. Users report prompt professional customer service, creating an efficient and transparent trading environment. That being said, some users mention fees and limited crypto trading as potential areas for improvement.

Do remember, user reviews indicate the general inclination of customers but don’t necessarily represent your personal trading journey. As you consider these reviews, remember that individual trading objectives and preferences remain paramount in choosing a forex trading platform.

This section therefore not only provides an overview of the user sentiment towards FXTM, but also highlights the fact that your choice of a forex trading platform should ultimately align with your individual trading goals and preferences. Understanding both the advantages and potential drawbacks of FXTM, as reported by current users, should help inform your decision.


As you’ve learned, FXTM stands out in the forex trading world. Its advanced technology, tailored services, and educational resources set it apart. You’ve seen how it stacks up against other brokers, particularly excelling in security and platform support. User reviews have given you a glimpse into the platform’s user-friendly environment and client-centric approach. However, it’s not without its drawbacks, with fees and limited crypto trading being noted. Ultimately, your choice of a forex trading platform should align with your trading goals and preferences. FXTM might be the right fit for you if its strengths align with your needs. Remember, your trading journey is personal and what works for one may not work for another. So, consider all these factors, and make the choice that best suits your trading style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of FXTM?

Andrey Dashin founded FXTM in 2011. He aimed to create a forex trading platform leveraging advanced technology and offering tailored services.

What platforms does FXTM support?

FXTM supports two major platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These platforms are renowned for their advanced trading resources and tools.

What are the different account types offered by FXTM?

FXTM offers multiple account types to cater to various skill levels and trading preferences. Each account type comes with its unique features and services.

How does FXTM compare with other brokers?

FXTM often stands out due to its robust security measures, comprehensive platform support, and an abundance of educational resources. It places a strong focus on client service, which is also reflected in user reviews.

What do users say about FXTM?

Users generally provide positive feedback on FXTM’s user-friendly environment, advanced technology, ample educational resources, and client-centric services. However, some users suggest improvement in areas such as fees and crypto trading options.

Is FXTM suitable for all trading goals and preferences?

FXTM is lauded for its tailored account types and services, making it flexible for different trading goals and preferences. However, it’s crucial to consider personal trading goals before choosing any platform.


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