Problem Solving

While hedge funds and venture capitalists invest in the gradually rising in price bitcoin, normal investors are interested in new low-cost currencies, which could one day take off “to the moon” and make a large profit.

At first glance, SwinCoin can be considered as a meme, but it is eager to go beyond stereotypes, combining the power of memes with real usefulness for millions of people dreaming of a secure future.

At the same time, SWIN is not going to become another of all those annoying currencies with dogs and cats on the logo, whose fate entirely depends on Elon Musk's tweets. No way! SWIN aims to become one of the most famous and most used crypto coins in the world because people believe in it.

And there are more and more such people every day!

SwinСoin is a cryptocurrency popularized by the initiative of its community: it continues to be nurtured and built upon not by a core development team but by its enthusiastic user base.

In the ever-changing world economic situation and political landscape, crypto-currencies without a community can only helplessly fight for its survival. We believe that only together we are strong. Hence we have to build a community of SWIN to help ourselves, to cosurvive.

SWIN shows that a meme token can be funny but also grow into a strong cryptocurrency!

SwinСoin (SWIN) BEP20

SwinСoin is an BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project was founded on the idea that strong community foundation and goals are the fundamental building block of any token. SWIN is a community driven project that’s goal is to provide an ecosystem for anyone to interact with and learn about crypto and DeFi at their own pace.


With the SwinСoin, we will be utilizing a portion of it in staking rewards, allowing our investors to sell them or do with them as they see fit, as that’s up to them. The remainder will be reserved for the platform itself. Once launched, that reserve will be utilized in the rewards system, ad payments, revenue split for content creators, system utility, and so much more.

There’s also the potential of minting SwinСoin depending on how our staking system fares, and if the reserve might deplete at some point.

Symbol: SWIN

Supply: 100,000,000

Purpose: NFT, Play to Earn Dapps, DeFi, Dex

  • 15% Team
  • 55% Liquidity
  • 15% Ecosystem and future development
  • 15% Marketing


  • Project design

  • Smart Contract development

  • Launch official website

  • Create official social media accounts (Telegram, Twitter, etc)

  • Conduct presale launch on PancakeSwap

  • Enter the TOP 1000 Coinmarketcap

  • Begin marketing campaign to build the SwinСoin community and increase SwinСoin holders

  • Token lockup

  • DexTools, Dex.Guru listings

  • CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko listings

  • Distribute airdrops to raise awareness of SwinСoin in the crypto community

  • 10,000 Telegram and Twitter members

  • 5,000 holders

  • Smart contract audits

  • 30,000 Telegram and Twitter members

  • 15,000 holders

  • DEX implementation

  • Website Update

  • Roadmap Update

  • CEX listings

  • Whitepaper V2

  • More memes from community

  • First NFT's

  • Lottery on blockchain

  • Continuous Marketing and Influencers Collabs

  • 50,000 Telegram and Twitter members

  • 35,000 holders

  • Enter the TOP 500 Coinmarketcap

Work Process

Future ecosystem

“SwinСoin holders will earn not only due to the potential growth of the coin, but also due to the liquidity pool. Ecosystem is really important. Now we can see that the largest meme currencies haven't achieved any remarkable success except for crazy capitalization. As for us, firstly we're planning to develop a large ecosystem around the SwinCoin. In the nearest future, there will be the release of the NFT. Afterwards, we're going to work on play2earn implementation. So, don't think this is just another meme coin! This is a future ecosystem led by a super-team, and you can invest in us from the very beginning! Right away!"

SwinToshi Nakamoto

Swin Dreams

After achieving all our milestones within a small-time frame. Listing on over 10 cex/dex platform, coinmarketcap and coingecko, smart-contract security audits and multiplepartnerships.

We want to make SwinСoin known across the world. We will market SWIN around the world using digital advertisement campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing and many more.

Competitiveness is important. It encourages us to push further. It sets a higher goal, a steeper growth curve. It makes us do things we’ve never dreamed of. It unlocks our true potential by coming up with crazy ideas, by thinking out of the box.

SWIN has so much in store for the future!

Work Process